All features of the Online-PDF-Converter at a glance

All conversions are done online - no setup is required! The complete process takes only a short time and is based on a simple user interface.

Altogether, Online2PDF offers 15 useful main features, which are available in one single user interface. You can also combine them according to your needs and requirements:

Protect PDF or change password

Protect PDF:

You can add an authentication protection for the PDF in order to lock some user actions (printing, copying, editing) or you can create a read protection (password for opening).

Change the PDF password:

If you want to change the password for opening the PDF document, you have to enter the (old) password. Additionally you have to set the new password by clicking on 'Protection' below the file selection. There you can enter the new password by enabling the field called 'Create password for opening'.
Note: Define a file name for the converted file

Before clicking "Convert", you can set a file name for the converted file. By default, a file name is suggested which contains the name of the first selected file.

After the conversion and the download, you can find the file in the default download folder (this can be adjusted in the browser settings).

Choose a meaningful filename in order to find the downloaded file in the download folder much easier.

From the developer of Online2PDF.com