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Support project is completely free of charge.

I'm Thomas and I'm the developer of, the completely free and online-based PDF-Converter. I'm from Vienna, Austria, and since 2007 I'm developing the Online PDF-Converter. I worked so many hours on this website and this project, but therefore it is now a really comprehensive online tool.

I still have a lot of ideas, which I would like to integrate into the website in the future. is being continually developed by me and new features are added from time to time. I'm paying attentation to design an easy and intuitive user interface, which provides a fast and efficient control of all features.

If you want you can help me to translate the Online PDF-Converter into other languages - it's very easy and can be done online! To the Translation-Tool

If you like my project and you think it is of value, then I would really appreciate it if you support me and make a small donation. In this way the server costs and the further development of the online service can be covered.

You can support the project by sending a financial contribution via PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin or bank transfer.

Thank you very much!

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Please donate an amount of your choice to the following Bitcoin address:

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If you want to contribute my project by bank transfer (SEPA), please send me a short email. I would be glad to tell you my bank details.

Thank you!