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Security & Data Protection of your uploaded files

By using the Online PDF Converter, the files selected by the user are uploaded to the servers of and are then processed, converted and returned to the user.

All uploaded files and data are treated as strictly confidential and are never disclosed to third parties. Uploaded files are immediately and automatically deleted right after the conversion. Hence, they are only saved temporarily for the time of conversion. The converted files may be available up to 90 seconds after the conversion has finished to give the user the chance to download the converted files. Only the user, who has uploaded the files, has access to the converted files during this time. After the expiration of 90 seconds even these files will be securely deleted and there is absolutely no way to restore them.

The website is only available through an HTTPS connection which is used to transfer files completely encrypted and securely over the internet. This way the security of your files will be ensured for the overall process.

There is done every effort and all appropriate measures are taken to make the Online PDF Converter as secure as possible. But nevertheless, a conversion of highly sensitive and critical files is not recommended (such as password lists or internal documents of companies which could be bad for business). The users have to judge for themselves whether files are allowed to be uploaded to and processed by the converter.

The author is not responsible for possible damages or costs due to security vulnerabilities, software bugs or the lack of security as long as there is no evidence of wilful intent or gross negligence on the part of the author. Just like in any other software or website it is theoretically possible, but unlikely, that data is captured or manipulated caused by security vulnerabilities or bugs in the web software or in the used network protocols like HTTPS. To maintain the overall security of the whole system, each and every software is kept up to date and security leaks are fixed as soon as possible, as long as this is in the area of responsibility of the author.

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