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FAQ / Problems

Frequently asked questions & common problems

Common problems
The converted PDF file is larger than the original one.
Usually, the file is smaller after conversion. If this is not the case, please use the compression settings below the file selection to adjust the file size of the PDF. There you can easily decrease the quality and resolution of the images inside the PDF which results in a much smaller file size.
Some fonts are missing in the converted PDF.
If you are using your own fonts, which are not included in Windows and MS-Office by default, please embed these fonts explicitly in your document (see How to embed fonts in a Word document, in Powerpoint or in Publisher). Otherwise, only standard fonts of Windows and MS Office are supported and your own fonts are lost, since they are not included in the document and therefore they are not available during conversion.
When converting Excel to PDF, the date is displayed in an incorrect format or in a wrong language.
This problem can be solved by choosing a date format which begins WITHOUT an asterisk (*) in the "Format Cells" dialog window in Excel. All date formats beginning WITHOUT an asterisk (*) include your language and therefore your date will be formatted correctly during conversion.
The date format can be changed by: right clicking on the cell -> Format Cells... -> Date
When editing/unlocking the PDF file, all interactive form fields are removed.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to retain interactive form fields when converting a PDF (i.e. form fields which can be filled out, checkboxes or selectable drop-down fields).
All my files are merged together instead of converted separately.
Plese make sure that you have changed the conversion mode to 'Convert files separately' below the file selection (also see the Help). If you do not change this option, all files are merged together by default.
After the conversion from PDF to Word, Excel or Powerpoint, there are only symbols, incorrect characters or gibberish.
The reason for this behavior is that already the PDF document contains wrong or missing encodings. Since all the needed information about the included characters is missing or incorrect, a proper conversion is not possible.
After the conversion from PDF to Word, spaces between words are missing when opening the file in Word 2007.
Please install all latest updates for Office 2007 or the last Service Pack for Office. Afterwards the problem should be fixed. More information about this issue can be found at the Microsoft Help Page.
After the conversion from PDF to Word or Powerpoint, the text is not editable.
The reason for this behavior is that the text is probably inside an image or the whole PDF is a scanned document. Please make sure that it is not an image. Only real text, layouts, tables and so on are editable afterwards. Images remain images. An optical character recognization of images is not supported yet.
After the conversion from PDF to Excel, the Excel sheet is empty.
The reason for this behavior is that the text is probably inside an image or the whole PDF is a scanned document. Please make sure that it is not an image. Only real text, layouts, tables and so on are converted and are editable afterwards. Images will not be converted. An optical character recognization of images is not supported yet.
The conversion from PDF to Word, Excel or Powerpoint is uncompleted. Only 50 pages are converted.
Please pay attention that only 50 pages can be converted due to perfomance reasons when using this conversion method. This limit only affects the PDF to MS-Office conversion, the other way around is not limited. This hint is also displayed below the dropdown field after changing the output format to one of MS-Office.
My PDF file contains a DRM-Protection (i.e. it is a licensed PDF which needs credentials and an internet connection). The unlocking or conversion of this file fails.
Generally, a DRM-Protection cannot be removed. Also a further processing or conversion is not possible.
When converting a file, I added a authorization protection (like for printing, copying, modifying). My PDF-Viewer seems to ignore this protection.
Unfortunately, the authorization protection (not to be confused with the read-protection!) can be ignored by some PDF-Viewers. Only products of Adobe, like Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, provide full support for the authorization protection. Please pay attention that the read-protection is always supported by a PDF-Viewer because in this way the complete file content is encrypted and only readable with the correct password.
When saving a PDF with the plugin from Adobe Acrobat Pro, an error occurs in the process of 'Fast Web View'.
Unfortunately, there is an error because the plugin is trying to download the file once again. This is not possible because the download is only working once. To fix this problem use can disable the 'Fast Web View' (see the Adobe Help)
I have another problem.
If you have another problem or a question, which is not answered yet, feel free to write me a description of your problem in the Feedback-Section. Usually, you get an answer within few hours.
How safe is Are my files stored?
All files and data are treated as strictly confidential, of course. Your files are only temporarily stored on the server of Online2PDF, after the conversion they will be deleted immediately.
More information can be found here: Data Protection / Security.
Is there a local or downloadable version of this PDF converter?
No, only the online-based version is available
Is there a Web-API for developers?
No, the converter is only intended for end-users. Automatic scripts are not allowed and heavy usage is not possible.
Is really for free?
Yes, of course. All services of Online2PDF are completely free of charges.
What does PDF mean?
The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange.
Which program/software is able to open PDF documents?
PDF-files can be opened by Adobe Reader (Download) . But there are many other programs, which support PDF.
What are the features of Online2PDF?
Only in a few seconds you can convert your text, images or documents into the PDF format. The files will be uploaded and then converted. After this process has finished, the download of the PDF file is available. This conversion is fast, free and is based on a user-friendly interface. But this Online PDF Converter offers even more useful features. For more information visit Features.
Is it possible to convert several files/documents/images to one PDF?
Yes, of course. Select some files and convert them. They will be merged together in the same order.
What are the advantages of a PDF document?
PDF documents can be read with a free viewer/reader on every platform (Windows, Linux, Mac...). Furthermore, the PDF content is platform independend which means that the content is displayed exactly the same on every platform without any graphical differences.
When you convert a document to PDF, it will automatically be highly optimized making it much smaller in size without losing any quality and it avoid people from modifying your work.
There is a structured storage system to bundle elements, such as text, images and any associated content into a single file, with data compression where appropriate.
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